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Women: How To Perform Self-Breast Examination + Plus Lifestyles To Prevent Breast Cancer

The earlier it is detected, the better!
Breast cancer kills year in, year out. Some deaths are as a result of lack of information. Some are due to ignorance. If we engage ourselves in some lifestyles, breast cancer will be far from many of us.
Lifestyles to engage in to prevent breast cancer are highlighted below.
1. Dietary Changes – Available statistics has shown that a large percentage of people eat a lot of fats and carbohydrates, little protein and very little fruits and vegetables and on top of that laden themselves with a host of synthetic chemicals in Body products and over processed foods, this disrupts and alters cell function.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that we need to eat the highest amounts of fruits and vegetables and whole grains followed by proteins and less of fats and carbohydrates.
Phytochemicals are a plant’s natural pharmacy and these plants contains a host of vitamins and minerals that can help us fight disease and prevent cancer. Fruits and vegetables with whole grains contains a lot of Vit C and B, Low calorie density, high natural fibre and antioxidants.
Snack food, fast foods and high fats in foods are unhealthy as they produce lipid peroxides that destroy anti-oxidants.
Aim to eat 5-servings of different fruits and vegetables each day with whole grains. These foods includes Carotene rich, deep green and deep yellow vegetables and Cruciferous vegetables (Cabbage) which contains indole3-carbinol.
Soybeans which contains Isoflavones and high in fiber. Carrot, parsley and a host of others.
2. Exercise Regularly– Aerobic Exercise is believed to reduce the risk of Breast cancer. It has to be performed on a regular Basis at least 30minutes, 3 times a week. It also reduces the risk of other tumors.
3. Make lifestyle changes like prevention of smoking, reduction of Alcohol intake and adopt organic living.
4. Prevent synthetic chemicals as much as possible. You are responsible for what you put on your body. For Cosmetics and body products, check the contents before you buy. In this case less is better. 
5. Breast self examination is also important.
These changes are directly under your control so go ahead and adopt these changes and you are sure to live a fulfilling and happy life. This is demonstrated by the video above.

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Updated: October 7, 2017 — 4:24 pm


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