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What Is Autosuggestion All About?

What does it mean to autosuggest? 

Autosuggestion, to simply put, is the act of influencing one’s own attitude, behavior or physical condition by mental processes. Some people refer to it as self-hypnosis.

We are what we are, because of our dominating thoughts and desires

How do one perform autosuggestion?
We autosuggest or put ourselves in a receptive hypnotic-type state by giving commands to our subconscious mind.
We also autosuggest by feeding our subconscious mind with thoughts. It has both positive and negative impacts on our lives.
The subconscious mind is always at work. Just like action and effect, whatever you feed it, it turns to reality.
What would you prefer to feed your mind with?  If you say to yourself that, “It is this illness that will kill me?” It will surely do. Because, you have given a command to your super-self, the subconscious mind.
Say stuffs like, “I am perfectly okay! “I can do it! “I love myself! Etc.
What a Frenchman said about autosuggestion
Symptoms could be relieved via autosuggestion. The idea was brought forth by Emile Coué.
He observed, if people accepted a doctor’s suggestion, the treatment would be effective. He went further by saying, “it might be possible for people to perform autosuggestion to have equal effective results, when it comes to health.”
One phrase he advocated was, “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better.” And I ask, “Are you?”
Remember, whatever you impressed on your subconscious mind, it expressed!
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