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What Every Man Should Know About Prostatitis

It is important for us all to realize that sexuality is a natural part of each of us and should not be avoided.
There are some health concerns in men that may interfere with their sexual life. One of them is Prostatitis.
Before delving into what it means, let’s take a look at the functions of the structure/gland affected, the prostate gland.
Prostate gland is the structure at the upper part of male urethra. It’s primary purposes are;
– Provide alkaline secretions to semen
– Aids in ejaculation.

NOTE: It does not contain any hormone.

Now that you know it’s functions, any problem to the gland will lead to impairment in it’s functions.
What is it?
Prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate gland. It can only occur anytime after puberty. It may be chronic or acute.
The inflammation causes the gland to swell, resulting in pain, especially when standing. It may also lead to difficulty passing out urine.

What are the causes?
It is caused by bacteria, which may have found its way into the gland via many ways such as through the blood supply, refluxing of urine into the bladder, catheterization. Fungi and mycoplasma may also be responsible, according to Brunner and Suddarth’s Textbook of Medical Surgical Nursing.
The bacteria primarily responsible are;
° Escherichia coli. Gonococcal bacteria may also play a part.

How can it be prevented?
Prevention is always better than cure. Ways to avert it are;
√ Regular and complete emptying of the bladder
√ Avoiding excess alcohol.
√ Personal hygiene

What are the symptoms?
The most common symptoms are;
• Urinary urgency
• Urinary frequency
• Urinary hesitancy
• Urinary dysuria
• Low back pain
• Postejaculation pain 
• Fever
• Chills

How is it diagnosed?
Your doctor may collect your urine for test to detect if there is a presence of bacteria. Your white blood cells counts will be taken. Increase in the level of your white blood cells suggests infection.

How is it treated?
– Antibiotic therapy is the therapy of choice. The preferred antibiotics is trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole which is taken for 30 days. Some other antibiotics may be used, if there is need to.
– Painkillers will be prescribed to take care of the pains.
– Anti-inflammatory drugs
– Diet modification.

When to see your doctor
Don’t make the mistake of thinking is gonorrhea since it has some of its symptoms. If you have or someone complains to you of any of any of the symptoms, endeavor to talk to your doctor for proper and expert management.

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Updated: October 11, 2017 — 11:18 pm


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