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Ladies: Little Things You Should Not Do During Your Period

That time of the month, from the looks on the faces, is really stressful. But there are things to avoid to make it less stressful.
According to little things, some of the things you should never do during your monthly visitor include;
1.  Don’t give into salty foods: Food rich in salty content can make your cramps worse with fluid retention and bloating. It is natural, wherever salt goes, water follows.
2. Don’t stay away from exercise: Exercise gives endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Which helps in preventing bad mood that comes with the monthly visitor.
3. Never have unprotected sex: The cervix is slightly dilated and the blood can make it easier for viruses to make their way to your system while having casual sex, it’s better to suit up.
4. Avoid painful appointments: During this period there is a drop in estrogen level which makes your body more sensitive to pain. You might have to postpone visiting the tattoo man.
5. Don’t smoke: Reports have it that women who smoke on a regular basis during their period, are more likely to experience severe premenstrual symptoms and twice as likely to have cramps for longer period of time.
6. Don’t use the same sanitary device all day long: Do not wear the same tampon or pad for more than a few hour at a time. This is to keep bacteria at bay. As a standard routine, pad is once in six hours while tampon is every two hours.
7. Don’t douche: Avoid this cleansing process as it can cause several health problems like increased infections, make you more vulnerable to STDs, and even make it difficult to get pregnant. Washing with too powerful soap can kill the natural bacteria protecting the vagina.
8. Use the right washing techniques: Always wash from vagina to the anus, and not the other way round. Washing it from anus to vagina upwards can cause lodging of bacteria in the vagina leading to infection.
Post credit: Littlethings

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