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Facts About ‘Silent Killer’ (Hypertension)

Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Hypertension is referred to as ‘Silent Killer’ because as it sounds, it kills silently. It is asymptomatic, except the increase in blood pressure readings.

Blood pressure is measured as systolic pressure over diastolic pressure. The unit is millimetres of mercury (mmHg). Usually, 120/80mmHg.

The top (higher) number is the systolic pressure – the pressure in the arteries as the heart is contracting – and the bottom (lower) number is the diastolic pressure – the pressure in the arteries when the heart is relaxed between beats.

High blood pressure is defined as a repeatedly elevated systolic pressure of 140 or higher OR a diastolic pressure of 90 or higher.

  • Globally, nearly one billion people have high blood pressure (hypertension); of these, two-thirds are in developing countries. 
  • Hypertension is one of the most important causes of premature death worldwide and the problem is growing; in 2025, an estimated 1.56 billion adults will be living with hypertension.
  • Hypertension is the leading cause of CVD worldwide. 
  • People with hypertension are more likely to develop complications of diabetes. 
  • High blood pressure is called the “silent killer” because it often has no warning signs or symptoms, and many people do not realize they have it; that is why it’s important to get blood pressure checked regularly.
It is the single most important risk factor for stroke. It causes about 50% of ischaemic strokes and increases the risk of hemorrhagic stroke.
Hypertension stresses body’s blood vessels, causing them to clog or weaken. Hypertension can lead to atherosclerosis and narrowing of the blood vessels making them more likely to block from blood clots or bits of fatty material breaking off from the lining of the blood vessel wall. (WHF)
Regular visitation to health facility is adviced. 
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Updated: October 25, 2017 — 3:36 pm


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