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Douching And Side Effects

There are some practices that are detrimental to the health of the vagina. One of them is Douching.

Douche is the introduction of water and/or a cleansing agent into the vagina using equipment consisting of a bag and tubing with a nozzle attached.

What was it used for?
• Douches were used in the past by some women after sexual intercourse to cleanse the vagina and to try to prevent conception.

• They were also used by women who were worried about having excessive or offensive vaginal discharges.

• It was sometimes in the past recommended to treat vaginal infections.

Presently, douching is rarely recommended.
Douching is unnecessary for purposes of hygiene because the vagina is normally slightly acidic and cleanse itself.
Douching, alters the action of bacteria residing in the vagina. Ladies/women should know that, as a method of contraception, DOUCHING, is completely ineffective.

What are the negative effects of douching?
Use of douche or douching can be harmful, because it may introduce infection into the vagina or may spread an existing vagina infection into the uterus or fallopian tubes.

Douching is not recommended. Stop it!

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