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Azoospermia || What Does It Mean?

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Today, I will be discussing with you what azoopermia means and how it may cause INFERTILITY. Sit back and relax! 
What is Azoospermia?
It is the absence of sperm from semen; an important cause of infertility in males. It may be caused by a disorder present at birth or later in life.
Azoospermia that occurred at birth onward may be the result of a chromosomal abnormality, such as Klinefelter’s syndrome (the presence of extra sex hormone); 
Failure of he testes to descend into the scrotum;
Absence of vasa deferentia (the duct that carries sperm to the seminal vesicles, where sperm is stored).
It may also be due to failure of puberty to take place, usually because the pituitary gland produces insufficient follicle-stimulating hormone, which is necessary for sperm production.
In later life, the most common cause of azoospermia is vasectomy, the procedure in which the vasa differentia are cut and tied off.
Other causes may be as a result of blockage of the duct, radiotherapy, some anticancer drugs, and prolonged exposure to heat.
It is usually detected in men when complaining to their healthcare provider about their infertility.
How can it be prevented?
It may be prevented in young child by examining him for testes distention, before it is too late.

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Updated: September 14, 2017 — 12:13 pm


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